why rural sourcing

Simply Put, A Better Experience

Increase Productivity, Lower Costs and Eliminate Frustration

2 - 4x
More Velocity Than Offshore
More Efficient Than Onsite Contractors
More Productive Than Internal Teams
the case for domestic outsourcing

You Don’t Need to Go Offshore

There’s no need to send your data, information and critical work offshore. Offshore outsourcing can be appealing for its affordability but often comes with added challenges. When all factors are considered, domestic outsourcing is just as affordable, highly responsive and more efficient.

Better Cultural and Business Context

Our digital product development experts understand U.S. consumer culture, user experience and common business practices. This means less time needed for understanding and defining business requirements, and less frustration for you.

Real-time Collaboration

Working with US-based teams in a similar time zone ensures seamless communication and faster response times, making true idea exchange and real-time collaboration possible.  This is critical for Agile software development.

Reduced Risk

Sending critical work offshore can introduce costly business risk. The rule of law, intellectual property rights and data security all can introduce uncertainty. Staying onshore keeps your data, property and peace of mind safely in the U.S.

How We’re Different

Our combination of distributed Agile expertise, delivery discipline, flexibility and passion makes working with Rural Sourcing a better outsourcing experience.

Deep Agile Development Expertise

Our Scrum Masters and Agile practitioners are all familiar with the many nuances of Agile methodology (Kanban, Scrum, Lean Agile, Scaled Agile, etc.). We structure our approach to meet our clients’ needs wherever they are on their Agile journey, and offer certified Agile coaches to assist our clients in embracing an Agile development mindset.

U.S.-Based, Remote Delivery Model

Our unique U.S.-based, remote delivery model accesses untapped, hard-working software professionals in Middle America locations. This provides the immediacy of localized teams, with the financial advantages of lower cost cities. By keeping resources onshore, our unique model drives productivity, increases efficiency and lowers costs.

Mature Processes, Yet Flexible Product-Minded Approach

Rural Sourcing is scaled for mature product development processes and delivery infrastructure, but we stay nimble and flexible enough to respond to each of our clients’ unique needs. We follow a product-minded, outcome-oriented approach; giving teams the freedom and responsibility to devise strategies that result in the best product for our clients.

Driven By a Bigger Purpose

We combine our passion for technology with our belief in creating and keeping high-quality technology jobs in the US. The result? We’re supporting the revitalization of  communities across America’s heartland, allowing colleagues to build careers in their hometowns, while helping clients accelerate their digital transformation journey.

trusted by great businesses to deliver big results

I need folks who can actually tell me how to do it a different way and a better way than perhaps how myself or my team might approach the problem. That’s one of the key differentiators we’ve found with Rural Sourcing.

— Chief Technology Officer, ParkMobile

They own what they do, they feel like a part of your organization, they are sharing the values you have, and are trying to create the same outcome that you’re striving for.

— Senior Product Manager, Lexipol

Introducing a new app to the public is difficult, achieving a 98% buy-in is nearly impossible, but thanks to Rural Sourcing, our vision became a reality and our business is reaping the reward.

— Director, Web Application & Architecture, Nationally Recognized Yearbook Developer
Driving Successful Outcomes
education technology
Improved User Experience and Platform Utilization

Through its Engineering Unleashed online platform, The Kern Family Foundation works to instill a entrepreneurial mindset in undergraduate engineering students across the country. We helped make needed improvements in search functionality, email marketing, content creation and overall user experience that helped to broaden use of the platform.

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global car rental
Automated Check-ins Improves Customer Satisfaction

A leading international rental car company recognized that its manual process and paper contracts were resulting in wait times of 20 minutes, rising data entry errors, and declining customer satisfaction score. We assisted in the development of a tablet application that incorporated a paperless contract and better user experience:

  • 75% decrease in the intake and check-out time
  • 20% improvement in their customer satisfaction score
  • Overall increase in employee morale
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industrial services
Regulatory Compliance Gap Quickly Closed

A leading provider of industrial services worldwide needed to fill a critical labor law compliance gap with their HR payroll processing. We created a highly usable and efficient platform to track  the massive amounts of data for its 15,000+ American employees. In just 9 months, the company reached regulatory compliance.


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pharma outsourcing
pharma & life sciences
Pharma Company Saves 40% With Rural Sourcing

New software responsibilities with high costs, a large user base, and unreliable resources brought unexpected challenges. They were directed to reduce headcount by 5%, so they needed an outsourcing partner to increase client satisfaction as well as lower overall costs.

  • An overall cost savings of over 40%
  • Increased productivity by 25%
  • Lowered fee structure by 20%
  • Created a reliable project estimation tool for better project accountability and cost-allocations back to the business
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