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We provide agile teams on-demand, for speed, flexibility and efficiency.

What is Scrum-as-a-Service?

Scrum-as-a-Service is a unique engagement framework for Agile software development that helps clients develop mission critical software with speed, flexibility, and efficiency. This approach provides rapid and flexible deployment of multidisciplinary Agile teams via an elastic consumption model with predictable monthly pricing.

how it works

Scale Teams as Needs Change

For a flat monthly fee, you can subscribe to a number of multidisciplinary Agile teams per month. Roles can change, increase or decrease per month, based on the needs of your organization. Scale your teams up and down as you need different experts, capacity or both. Here are common scenarios for how Scrum-as-a-Service teams are deployed:

Core Team
  • Execution against an existing backlog
  • Best employed with existing products
  • Resource capacity and throughput focused
Enhanced Team
  • Greenfield or existing solutions
  • Execution and SME support, often with client resources embedded in the team
  • Resource capacity and capability enhancement focused
Comprehensive Team
  • Greenfield or re-platforming efforts
  • Rural Sourcing provides leadership on the strategy and reference architecture
  • Capability enhancement focused
how it's delivered
100% U.S. Based 100% Agile

Rural Sourcing provides Scrum-as-a-Service through development centers exclusively located in mid-sized cities throughout Middle America. With an average of 10 years of experience, our Agile software development experts understand U.S. consumer culture and common business practices. They operate within similar time zones as our clients for the real-time collaboration necessary for Agile development. Rural Sourcing’s ability to provide onshore Scrum-as-a-Service at high velocity is unrivaled in software development. More importantly, our clients and case studies back it up. Our distributed Agile teams can deliver 2.5x – 4x the velocity of offshore teams and a 15% – 30% efficiency advantage over onsite contractors.

The Benefits of Scrum-as-a-Service
Proven Agile Experts
Quick Access to Agile Expertise

Sourcing experienced Scrum masters and Agile professionals familiar with the practice’s many nuances (Kanban, Scrum, Lean Agile, Scaled Agile, etc.) can be a challenge. With Scrum-as-a-Service each team has the necessary Agile skills, experience and best-practice knowledge required for success. This means that you can bypass the grueling process of spending weeks or months trying to find and assemble the right people and skillsets for the job.

Rapid Scaling
Easily Scale Up or Down

Scrum-as-a-Service allows you to easily scale up or scale down teams as required, using just the right mix of technical skillsets and capabilities. In addition, Scrum-as-a-Service teams are capable of scaling to provide end-to-end life cycle services. These include development, testing, integration, deployment, and support. And whole teams can easily be moved to new projects as company needs arise.

Multidisciplinary Skills On-Tap
Customize Your Teams

Of course, Agile development projects require the general expertise of Scrum masters, developers, and designers, but varying demands often require the know-how of highly-specialized experts. The Scrum-as-a-Service model provides you with a customized team based on your specific project requirements. Whether it’s high-powered UI/UX, data, cloud, AppSec, QA or DevOps, you can assemble the ideal team that’ll drive innovation and speed to market.

Predictable Pricing
Flat Monthly Fee, No Long-term Commitment

Nobody likes end-of-month surprises when it comes to spending. Scrum-as-a-Service teams are priced using a flat monthly fee, depending on team size and make-up. There is no long-term commitment required and no need to execute additional contracts for more teams or individual role types.

Teams That Know Each Other
Team Chemistry & Continuity

Effective teams must know and trust each other. They also need time to figure out each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Scrum-as-a-Service has the advantage of providing you with experienced Scrum teams that have previously worked together, saving time, and removing friction. As multidisciplinary teams scale and new challenges are tackled, a virtuous cycle of innovative delivery and team engagement is created.

Business Alignment
Ownership of Outcomes

Scrum-as-a-Service teams become an integral extension of the client’s company, and team members know they succeed only when the client succeeds. At the end of a project, our teams seamlessly transition work product back into the client organization, minimizing risk and business disruption. This is different from traditional contracting where contractors can often act more like hired mercenaries than team players.

Bringing Flexibility & Scale to Agile Development

Learn how Scrum-as-a-Service provides a flexible engagement framework for Agile software development, and hear from our experts on how businesses are using Scrum-as-a-Service to innovate and minimize time-to-market.

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SaaS Startup
SaaS Company Deploys Scrum-as-a-Service™ Team to Drive Growth via API Integrations

In order to maintain their market-leading position, and continue to grow and scale their core product, a fast-growing SaaS start-up required the development of key API integrations.

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