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Companies need speed to prosper in digital business. They continue to use a combination of “off the shelf” enterprise software, and custom developed applications. To get the momentum, they understand that it’s not just about which enterprise applications are used but also how they support them. Offshore looks cheap, but there are many challenges, while staff augmentation presents a revolving door of new faces, and in-house hiring is a daily battle to identify, recruit and retain.

It's not just about which enterprise applications are used - but also how they are supported.

Rural Sourcing provides enterprise application support. These services include design, deployment support, and ongoing custom enhancements for Enterprise Applications via our cost-effective onshore delivery model. Enterprise application support focuses on the further expansion beyond initial “Go-Live” to help our clients achieve the expected ROI. We help our clients succeed by leveraging the advanced capabilities of the software tools such as SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint, and others. We’ve established support centers in low cost of living, high quality of life locations that inherently provide our clients with a cost advantage over high-cost metro areas, and without having to go offshore.

We help our clients succeed by leveraging:  

Plus, our teams of dedicated professionals have on average over ten years of experience in their chosen technologies. Rural Sourcing provides Enterprise Application Support through “hands-on” expertise and intimate knowledge of the business processes and strategies that are supported via enterprise applications. Our Enterprise Applications Support delivers experienced software and project management professionals who understand industry best practices and are located in our strategically-placed onshore support centers. The Rural Sourcing delivery model offers the best of all “shores” with onshore Enterprise Application Support that comes from experienced US-based professionals located in our low cost of living, high quality of life locations. This innovative model means you don’t have to endure the obstacles of offshore, the inconsistencies of staff aug or the uncertainty caused by continually chasing the shortage of technology talent. Whether you are implementing, upgrading, customizing or extending enterprise applications you’ll find Rural Sourcing’s innovative model delivers the speed you need to delight your customers.


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