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Providing project support for implementations, upgrades, and integrations in the USA

Cloud Solutions

Most companies are looking at how they can benefit from cloud computing, from IaaS to PaaS, to SaaS. In other words, taking your IT Infrastructure “off” premise (IaaS), embracing cloud platforms that host development, testing, delivery and management of new applications (PaaS), or something as simple as using cloud-based, off the shelf apps like Salesforce (SaaS). This isn’t something to undertake alone; you need expertise in cloud solution services to lead migrations and new application development initiatives, or to assist in the transition as part of your team.

Cloud computing is not something to be undertaken alone.

Rural Sourcing specializes in remote software development and support as well as providing associated cloud solution services. These services span various technologies and include developing, implementing and supporting new cloud-based apps, helping customers re-position via AWS, as well as deploying, customizing, integrating and supporting off the shelf cloud apps like Salesforce. Rural Sourcing’s cloud solution services include project support for implementations, upgrades, custom enhancements, and integrations, along with ongoing support and maintenance.

Rural Sourcing’s cloud solutions services teams are: 

Cloud Solution Services in the US

Rural Sourcing’s cloud solutions services teams are US citizens, living and working in the US and solving software problems for our clients. While we work on solutions that might be implemented on a global basis, it’s all done from our collaborative technology centers throughout America, that are no more than two time zones away from you. Through this innovative onshore model, we deliver software development and cloud services that are domestic and dependable, helping you be your best in digital.


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