Application Security

Increased Security and Speed Compared to Offshore Models

Rural Sourcing’s security remediation services allow you to take the next step and address identified web application security vulnerabilities with increased security and speed as compared to offshore and in-house delivery models. Recruiting in-house is expensive and time-consuming, for a dwindling talent pool makes finding and retaining qualified IT talent an ongoing challenge. Using an offshore model for web application security work comes with inherent security risks and communication difficulties. With our low-cost, 100% US-based development centers, Rural Sourcing is uniquely positioned to help our customers reduce their development backlogs and optimize their IT budgets. We advise on an optimal approach, provide support, and maintenance for your web application software.


  • Vulnerability Assessments
    • GRC Audits
    • Data Loss Prevention Audits
    • Best Practice Recommendations
  • Vulnerability Remediation
    • Source Code Remediation
    • Infrastructure Remediation
  • DevSecOps
    • Source Code Architecture & Review
    • Cloud Architecture Design & Review
  • Penetration Testing
    • Web/Mobile Applications
    • Internal/External Network
    • Physical/Social Engineering

Select Technologies:

  • Web Applications
    • Front End/ Back End
    • APIs
    • Interception Proxies
    • PHP/Java/.NET/JavaScript
  • Mobile Applications
    • Native/Web/Responsive
    • iOS/Android
  • Network
    • Internal/External
    • Threat Analysis
  • Social Engineering
    • Phishing/Vishing

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