Bringing Flexibility and Scale to Agile Development

Today’s market demands and client expectations are shifting quickly. From Dollar Shave Club to Adobe, the “subscription economy” is impacting all types of products and services—including outsourced software development. In this on-demand webinar we cover a new type of engagement model that offers flexibility and predictability while driving speed and efficiency.

Scrum-as-a-Service gives companies access to experienced Scrum Masters and Agile professionals familiar with the practice’s many nuances (Kanban, Scrum, Lean Agile, Scaled Agile, etc.), without the challenge of assembling Agile software development teams from scratch. With Scrum-as-a-Service, each team has the necessary Agile skills, experience, and best-practice knowledge required for success. This means that you can bypass the grueling process of spending weeks or months trying to find and assemble the right people and skillsets for the job.

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