SaaS Company Deploys Scrum-as-a-Service® Team to Drive Growth via API Integration


In order to maintain their market-leading position, and continue to grow and scale their core product, a fast-growing SaaS start-up required the development of a key API integration. They needed their internal teams to focus on their core product, and were seeking a trusted development partner with a history of scaling multiple teams quickly. The executive team at the company had been unsuccessful in the past when using offshore companies.


The company deployed a Rural Sourcing Scrum-as-a-Service team who quickly stepped in to develop the API integration needed to integrate their core product platform into a third-party application. Under the direction of the product management team, Chief Architect, and Production Operations Manager, a major third-party access roadblock was discovered, so the Scrum-as-a-Service team quickly pivoted to ramp up a new high priority API integration. Rural Sourcing was able to provide the integration ahead of schedule and continued to take on additional tasks until the contract ended. This ultimately allowed our client to accelerate the announcement of a new partnership and launch the corresponding integration simultaneously.


We prototyped a new Extract-Transform-Load plugin pattern using OneLogin data APIs to transform and load OneLogin event data into the client’s platform. Working with Rural Sourcing provided both a cost and time advantage to the client over utilizing their own full-time employees, and due to the success of our initial project, our contract was extended, and nine more teams were added.

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