Rural Sourcing Helps Replatform and Modernize a Leading Online Automotive Marketplace


Rural Sourcing has been providing managed service support for one of the leading automotive marketplace websites on their legacy platform since 2016. While they had already completed a re-engineering of the platform within the last few years, that update focused solely on performance and improved UI/UX and SEO. The organization wanted to rearchitect the platform, as it had many costly dependencies and existed on an on-prem model. They sought to move everything to the Cloud, and thanks to our long-standing relationship, knew that our team was the one to make it happen.


By utilizing Elixir on the upcoming AWS-enabled version of their website, our team will be able to build a lean and flexible environment for this organization’s platform. It will also allow them to optimize third-party solutions by using vibrant API architecture. Due to the new architecture, the site will be able to connect and utilize outside resources without adding too much complexity to the site’s infrastructure.


With an early 2021 targeted launch date, our colleagues are helping this client accelerate the roll-out of their next-generation platform. The final product will be highly functional, with additional stability, security and speed.

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