Rural Sourcing Helps Innovative Software Company Modernize the Nursery Industry


Many companies selling nursery products to Big Box retailers operate under a vendor managed inventory system, where they bear the responsibility of optimizing inventory levels. Retailers' demand for actionable data and limited market options created an opportunity to create a modern cloud-based solution. Our client sought to build a SaaS-based inventory replenishment system that would provide nurseries with advanced analytics and modern data visualization.


Our Scrum-as-a-Service™ team developed a scalable solution that can grow with our client's business. Our team leveraged the most current front-end, API, and Cloud-based technologies to offer a cross-platform application with seamless integrations and intuitive user experience.


The finished application is now live and has received rave reviews for its user experience, speed, and functionality. The client continues to utilize our colleagues as their development team on an ongoing basis.

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