Pharma Company Outsources Full Support to Rural Sourcing Saving 40%


The network services group within a large pharmaceutical company was facing a sudden responsibility to host SharePoint services. Because the group was primarily hardware-focused, this was a new and unexpected challenge for them. They were dealing with high costs, a large, diverse and often rogue user base, and unreliable contracted resources that were delivering poorly produced, low quality work. A corporate directive required this group to reduce headcount by 5%, so they needed an outsourcing partner to increase client satisfaction as well as lower overall costs.


Initially, the client was only looking for a partner to take over the development and break/fix portion of SharePoint support in order to reduce headcount and cost, but our team was able to prove that sourcing the entire support function to Rural Sourcing would lead to improved service, and more significant cost savings. Our team comprised of support and development resources with substantial expertise in SharePoint assumed full responsibility for the client’s SharePoint environment.


The client immediately reaped a cost savings of over 40% due to a 25% increase in productivity, and a 20% lower fee structure. Our team also created a reliable project estimation tool, which enabled better project accountability and cost-allocations back to the business.

Curious how domestic sourcing can save you time & money?