Rural Sourcing Replaces Offshore Firm


The client was trying to create a patient/provider communication tool but was having problems with their offshore development firm. The project was behind schedule due to frequent mistakes and communication challenges.


Rural Sourcing created a web-based primary care physician notification tool that collected clinical data for each specified patient event as well as notified the primary care provider of these events, and created immediate notification upon event reoccurrence.



completed project with half the team of the offshore firm

overall improved patient and provider satisfaction scores


the total throughput and velocity over offshore firm

Associated With:Application DevelopmentDigital Engagement Methodology

“I continue to be impressed with the Rural Sourcing team. Their programming skills, professionalism, ability to ask the right questions when interpreting requirements and their overall ability to make decisions to provide a truly functional, pleasing product for our end users is just beyond words. I only regret not bringing them on much sooner.”

Director of Field Operations, Healthcare Services Provider

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