New SAP Framework Improves Customer Satisfaction for Leading Alcoholic Beverage Distributor


One of the leading alcoholic beverage distributors in the country was looking to improve the efficiency of their customer care team’s order taking process. Due to the complexities involved in managing liquor sales in highly-regulated environments across multiple states, the customer care reps had been forced to utilize complicated order entry processes. These processes required manual look-ups, the use of multiple screens, and the creation of multiple SAP sessions when placing orders. It took too long, and was confusing for their team. Training new customer care reps was also difficult and attrition was high.


Rural Sourcing deployed a team of five ABAP, functional, and PM resources to create an enhanced SAP framework for our client. The framework simplified the order taking and entry process by integrating the disparate systems into a single order screen within SAP. By doing so, the client would have higher order accuracy and could reduce the training effort involved with new customer care reps.


After the application went live, our client made improvements across the board including increased customer and employee satisfaction, as well as a reduction in the time it took to train new employees. Additionally, our client experienced a 15% reduction in call handling time and an 80% reduction in error rates when taking orders.

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