New Interface For Car Rental Company


This U.S.-based international car rental company needed to rewrite their Metadata Repository Graphical User Interface, as it was written in a soon to be decommissioned web host that would no longer be supported.


In order to upgrade our client’s existing Metadata Repository Interface for improved system performance, we moved their platform from PHP to Java, and changed to an Angular 7 front end. We also created documentation to train the client’s data custodians on the updated application.


Our team completed the project on time, and delivered an accurate scope and estimation of the project. The company’s new and improved interface meant customer search results would be nearly instantaneous, with the largest queries taking less than 30 seconds. All work could be accessed within 1-2 clicks.

“Working with Rural Sourcing was a new and exciting experience for our team. Due to the team’s extensive and diverse knowledge, we were able not only to deliver a robust solution but also one that contains more functionality and usability than anticipated. The team not only provided technical value, but their intangible qualities (ie personality and communications skills) helped to make the process both efficient and fun. Though we had a rough start defining the initial requirements, we were still able to set our end goal and keep our sights set for success.”

Senior Manager of IT Applications, international car rental company

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