Improving Peak Performance for a Major Online Tax Prep Service


Imagine if your online platform experienced over 90% of its usage in just two weeks of the year. Now picture the repercussions of your platform having performance or stability issues during those same two weeks. Needless to say, one of the largest online tax preparation services in the country had a slight problem on their hands. They asked us to identify and resolve any issues within their software and hardware, to improve their confidence in their system’s performance under load before the next tax season.


Our team developed automated test scripts, which were then deployed to AWS instances and ramped up. In coordination with the client, load was introduced until their systems crashed, so we could identify trouble spots in their architecture. Previous testing had scaled up to 5,000 concurrent users; we stress tested their system with 20,000, then 50,000 and eventually over 100,000 concurrent users. This included approximately 20 scenarios, such as logging in, creating a new account, and initiating a 1040EZ form.


The end result provided our client with successful load factors and a vastly improved performance, enabling them to enter peak season with confidence as their large customer base continues to grow.

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