A leader in manufactured and modular home construction needed a more efficient way to provide quotes to their customers while communicating with their manufacturing facilities. Their current process was entirely paper-based, so it was time-consuming and prone to errors. This meant a potential loss of business for our client: the paper-based process meant they couldn’t get customers real-time quotes on the weekends when their manufacturing plants were closed.


Our team created a .NET framework application that would be deployed on the AWS platform. Its functionality meant our client’s dealer and retail locations across the U.S. could use it to create, track, manage and approve quotes, communicate quotes to the manufacturing plants, and track/change orders. The application could also provide the retailer with pricing options based on factors like the availability of materials, plant location, freight costs, and labor rate differences. Because this application was customer facing, it was enhanced with a unique UI/UX to make it eye-catching and memorable.


Our client shared that the application is “simple, intuitive, and provides a seamless user experience.” Home quote and home order submittals during the weekends went from 0% to 100%, and the average time for a retailer to quote a home dropped more than 90% - from two hours to just ten minutes.

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