The leading provider of policy and training solutions moves to the Cloud, realizing immediate benefits.


Lexipol provides a platform for state-specific policy updates and policy training for public safety organizations. Their platform was using outdated technology that was unable to scale. Adding functionality and content to the platform was difficult and time-consuming, which led to significant added cost and created a suboptimal user experience. In order to meet the demands of their growing client base, they knew they needed a new solution but lacked the in-house expertise and horsepower to execute on their vision.


Based on a recommendation from Gartner, the company reached out to Rural Sourcing to develop an end-to-end solution that was constructed in the Cloud, was scalable and could easily handle enhancements and new functionality.

Rural Sourcing first moved the company to an AWS architecture utilizing Amazon’s Managed Services products including: Cognito, Relational Database Service, ElastiCache, EC2, EFS, ECR, S3, and Amazon MQ. The company implemented containerized Spring Boot Microservices via Kubernetes (KOPS), Netflix API Gateway (Zuul), SAML Identity Provider integration (SSO), full CI/CD multi-slave Jenkins within Kubernetes, and Alfresco CMS integration. For the second phase, application ease-of-use for their non-technical users was a top priority. Rural Sourcing gathered input and created a strong, intuitive UI/UX that integrated MS Word and OnlyOffice editing platforms.


“We took the approach with this project in re-platforming to innovate and really leapfrog ourselves. With this platform we believe that we have accomplished that - to where we can continue to innovate into the future and be able to scale up the business as needed,” said Bill Floyd, Chief Technology Officer, Lexipol.

Specific results included:

  • Enhanced Scalability: Lexipol realized an increase in scalability to naturally allow the system to grow with their client base.
  • Increased speed: By incorporating microservices into the platform, the company’s clients located throughout the United States are accessing information faster and just-in-time via handheld devices.
  • New and improved design: Customer satisfaction has increased substantially with an enhanced GUI that provides familiar document editing features and easy access to pertinent information.

If you are looking at Rural Sourcing, you’re going to get somebody focused and I don’t know that you could ask for anything more. They own what they do, they feel like a part of your organization, they are sharing the values you have, and are trying to create the same outcome that you’re going for.

Kenny Howard, Senior Product Manager, Lexipol

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