Rural Sourcing Inc. and Clarkston Consulting Form Domestic Sourcing Partnership

June 5, 2007 – Rural Sourcing Inc. (RSI) announces a partnership with Clarkston Consulting that will provide highly skilled software developers using their proprietary Domestic Sourcing staffing model to support large-scale IT projects at costs competitive with other sourcing alternatives.

IT executives have the challenge of finding software development expertise at competitive rates without sacrificing the advantages of local resources. Offshore has the promise of low rates but carries the disadvantage of having distant resources, making project management and communication difficult. Domestic Sourcing offers the advantage of proximity, flexibility, highly skilled project management and communication, along with attractive rates.

Rural Sourcing establishes development centers in close proximity to major regional universities which have world class Information Systems programs, thus capitalizing on the intellectual capital and skilled software developers graduating from these institutions. By partnering with Rural Souring Inc., Clarkston Consulting has access to a new pool of skilled developers enabling an overall lower cost for their clients. “The lower cost of personnel, combined with local economic development programs, enable us to offer skilled personnel at rates better than the sourcing alternatives offered by IT consulting firms in major metropolitan areas,” said Kathy Brittain White, Founder and President of Rural Sourcing Inc.

About Rural Sourcing Inc. 
Rural Sourcing Inc. (RSI) is the leading IT outsourcing provider with a cost-effective, agile approach to software development, support and maintenance of critical business and cloud applications. By providing an alternative to offshore outsourcing, RSI eliminates the obstacles of time zones, distance, language, and geopolitical risks. With development centers strategically located throughout the United States, RSI leverages untapped, highly skilled IT resources in mid-size metro cities to provide world-class solutions for Fortune 1000 clients across various industries including consumer & retail goods, financial services, healthcare, hi-tech, insurance, and pharmaceutical.

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Simon Boardman

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