Hack Augusta and Rural Sourcing Announce the Upcoming Hack for Education

On November 2nd starting at 6pm innovators in technology, design, business, government and education are invited to the Augusta State University Ballroom for the first Hack for Education.

Over the course of 18 hours, participants will work together to create technological solutions to multiple educational challenges. Software developers, web programmers, graphic designers, and marketers are just a few examples of the types of people needed for the success of each project, but anyone who would like to help is welcome. Novices and experts alike can add to each project. Stay for the whole event, or just a few hours.

The hackathon will be divided into separate project zones sponsored by CMA Technology, Guardian Watch and Rural Sourcing. Hack Augusta and CSRA Makers worked together to create different projects for each zone that center on improving access to technology and creating resources for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in under privileged areas. Individuals are also invited to bring their own ideas and form separate teams from the sponsored projects. There will be plenty of space, food and caffeine for anyone who wants to work through the night in a fun, collaborative environment to help innovate in the field of education.

At the conclusion of the hackathon, presentations will be made for the curious public about each project at the Inaugural CSRA Innovation Festival. The festival will take place at the ASU Amphitheater on Saturday, November 3rd from 11am-3pm. Presentations will begin around noon.

Hack for Education appreciates the help of the following sponsors for making this a free event for our participant innovators: Rural Sourcing Inc., CMA Technology, Guardian Watch, Augusta’s Choice, Splice Media.

Please visit the website to RSVP for the hackathon. If anyone would like to volunteer to support or sponsor the event with food and drink (for a very appreciative group of hackers and innovators,) please visit www.hackforeducation.org or email us at we@hackforeducation.org.

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