LIMS Accelerator - Powerful process automation with Rural Sourcing

Increase Efficiencies

Leading companies are using LIMS Accelerator to work faster while improving both the accuracy and quality of their data.

Powerful process automation

A powerful process automation solution that sits on top of your existing LIMS and bridges the data management gap. Eliminate manual data entry for a more agile testing network through this tool that we’ve been able to create for our clients.

Powerful process automation

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This unique automation tool allows you to:

An experienced team

Our team is deeply experienced in the development of LIMS reporting across many specific domains including loT management, results reporting, stability, and regulatory reporting. We can help manage your Level 2 and 3 support issues, investigational and data analysis support, master data and configuration maintenance, implementation of enhancements and much more.

An experienced team


With LIMS Accelerator, leading pharmaceutical companies are reducing time spent on managing samples and their data by up to 80%.

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