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Faster ROI After Corporate Acquisition Through Product Integration


In Search of a Partner for Maintenance, Development and Deployment After Acquisition

After acquiring RISC Networks, a cloud migration analytics company, Flexera was looking to integrate RISC’s CloudScape product into the Flexera suite of products. CloudScape gives Flexera’s customers the ability to assess, prioritize and price which on-premise workloads they should migrate to the Cloud.

Although Flexera wanted to leverage the current RISC IT staff for the integration work, that would leave a gap in support of the CloudScape application. They needed a partner that could maintain the current application, provide new development and enhancements and handle deployments to AWS. They needed this same partner to be able to quickly handle the knowledge transfer process, so the reliance on RISC’s subject matter experts would be minimal.


Much-Needed Flexibility

By providing Flexera with a go-to development partner that delivers managed service support on acquired company applications, Rural Sourcing gave Flexera the flexibility for its internal employees to work on integration projects. This meant less reliance on internal subject matter experts.


A Reduction in Onboarding Time and Faster AWS Deployment

With a diverse development team, Rural Sourcing was not only able to take on supporting the application, but any new development tasks, as well. After initial onboarding with the help of Flexera, Rural Sourcing was able to onboard new team members without the assistance of Flexera subject matter experts. Full onboarding was reduced from four weeks to 1.5-2 weeks; this allowed the RISC team to solely focus on integration work. AWS deployment was achieved even faster than Flexera leadership had envisioned.

Rural Sourcing has shown that this knowledge transfer process can easily be repeated for future Flexera acquisitions. Rather than transfer the application back internally, Flexera is keeping Rural Sourcing as the managed service partner for CloudScape to better utilize RISC staff in other areas of development.

tech used

Java & PHP, MySQL DBA, React, UI Automation, AWS

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