Case Study

New BI Tool Streamlines Analytics and Increases Reporting Accuracy for Leading Automotive Parts Manufacturing Company


A leading manufacturer of automotive parts wanted to provide real-time sales data that would allow them to make faster decisions in the field.

Key Outcomes

Rural Sourcing developed a fully functioning BI tool that provided data and analytics across sales, billing and delivery.


providing real-time access to buying trends as well as insight into business predictive manufacturing and inventory needs.


of the BI data by creating dashboard KPI and forecast views in the main enterprise portal that was linked in real-time to back-end SAP data and accessible through the cloud.

processing impact

by streamlining reporting, implementing automatic broadcasting of reports to key personal and overnight compilations.

Thanks to Rural Sourcing, our sales team can easily access reporting tools to make better decisions and respond more quickly to changes in the market. In addition, we’ve seen an uplift in productivity and cost savings thanks to receiving accurate data.

— General Manager of IT, Leading Manufacturer of Automotive Parts
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