WordPress Plugins - The Starter Pack

WordPress is one of the most powerful content management systems for building websites. It’s intuitive dashboard and ability to add themes and templates are all strong features. But one thing that makes WordPress rise above the competition is the extensive library of plugins. I have yet to come to a point where I can’t find a plugin that does what I need. Whether you need responsive tabs, an impressive slider, social media feeds, or pop-up banners, there’s a plugin for almost any feature.

When beginning a build, consider obtaining a “starter pack.” These are the three plugins that I’ve used the most often and have been the most helpful when starting to build a website.

 1. Jetpack
Cost: Free!
The Jetpack plugin contains several features within itself, so I’ll just highlight my three personal favorites. The first feature I always activate is “Stats.” This feature allows you to see how many people are visiting your site each day and how they ended up there. My next activation is “Subscriptions” which allows users to subscribe to your blog. The third feature is “Publicize” which allows you to automatically update your social feeds when new content is posted to your blog.

2. Custom Facebook Feed
Cost: Free!
The custom Facebook feed plugin does pretty much what it sounds like. It allows you to display a live Facebook feed on your website. There are paid features you can unlock, but with the free version you can control how many posts are shown in the feed, how often the plugin will check for updates, the size of the feed, and the placement of the page “Like” button.

3. Revolution Slider
Cost: $19
The Revolution Slider plugin isn’t free, but it’s worth the $19 if you want a slider on your website. With Revolution Slider, you can easily control all animations, text placement, add videos, and most importantly, it makes sure your slider is responsive for every screen size.

There are thousands and thousands of WordPress plugins, but these few can help you get a good start on your website build!

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