What In The World Is All This Talk About Hacking?

From The Matrix to Tron, the idea of hacking can bring up a bit of a stir. The thought of someone secretly accessing a computer system in order to get information and wreaking havoc has given “hacking” a bad rap. Sometime in the late 1990s a new idea was born-“Hackathon”. The word “hackathon” is a combination of “hack” and “marathon”. This playful alternative gets computer technologists together to collaborate intensively on software projects. As the idea to collaborate for good spread, the events changed as well. Beginning as all-night code collaborations, hackathons evolved into competitions done to create something good, solve a problem, code for a cause, recruiting opportunities for companies, and networking events for professionals to meet, teach and learn from others.

Just like everything, there are variations on hackathons as well. Some hackathons are set during daylight hours for a specified amount of time; others are all night or multiple day events. Typically, the hackathon kicks off by a presenter of some sort, the suggestion of a topic or idea and then the fun begins! There is usually a plethora of energy drinks, snacks and pizza to keep the buzz going. At the end of the set time, a series of demonstrations from each group are presented to the panel of judges. Then, of course there are prizes!

Rural Sourcing, Inc. is no stranger to this hacking craze. Having put on two previous hackathon, we are preparing this year by hosting not ONE, but TWO hackathons! This year, our Galaga inspired invasion is set to be the best one yet! We will once again host our 3rd Annual RSI Westobou Hackathon during the Westobou Festival on October 3rd in Augusta, GA. This year, the Augusta office is partnering up with the The, a local incubator that offers a network for entrepreneurs in the community. The team has volunteered to help with the judging and mentoring, giving the students even more opportunity to network with computer technology professionals.

While the Augusta, GA community is getting the hang of hackathons and what to expect from these events, the City of Jonesboro, AR is in for a real treat. The inaugural RSI Jonesboro BBQ Fest Hackathon will happen at The Brickhouse Grill in downtown Jonesboro, AR on September 26th. It is sure to be an event that is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

At both events, we are reaching out to the area computer technology students and inviting them to attend, participate and compete for a chance to earn a paid internship at RSI! If you are reading this, consider yourself officially invited to attend these events! If you can’t participate you are welcome to come and watch!

Here are some of the millions of reasons you need to be there:
It’s a party- Music, Prizes; it’ll be a great time! Who doesn’t love pizza and red bull?
You get to make something super cool for your community!
No lecture learning- no one will be lecturing you or telling you what to create. This is your game!
You can meet and hang out with some really smart people who might teach you something!
You can earn an INTERNSHIP and meet the people who hire RSI employees!

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