Supporting Healthcare Clients During the Pandemic

Rural Sourcing was recently engaged to help our home healthcare client improve the efficiency of their in-home visits. We assembled our Scrum-as-a-Service® team and began work within two weeks of the initial project kick-off. The flagship feature of the project was to digitize their paper-based forms. By doing so, our client will be able to reduce the amount of time spent completing patient forms by 15%.

supporting healthcare clients during the pandemic

Additional benefits from the automation of the ICD-10 coding effort include:

  • Increased accuracy in coding
  • Decreased ramp up and learning time for new healthcare professionals
  • Increased job satisfaction from healthcare professionals

And perhaps the biggest benefit? By reducing the non-value-added time spent inside a patient’s home, our solution reduces the risk of contamination for some of our client’s most vulnerable patients and the dedicated employees caring for them.

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