SAP BW Server

The central administration area on the SAP BW server not only features a ‘Staging Engine’, which controls the data loading process, as well as processing and preparing its data, it also features SAP BW databases which store master, transaction and metadata.

The Administrator Workbench is responsible for organization within SAP BW. In other words, the control, monitoring and maintenance of all data procurement processes. You can use the Administrator Workbench to manage and control all relevant SAP BW objects and processes. As well as defining all relevant information objects, you can also use the Administrator Workbench to plan load processes using a scheduler, and monitor them using a monitor tool.

However, before the data is in a suitable form to be stored, it must be prepared by the Extraction, Transformation and Load (ETL) process.


The Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) processor allows you to carry out multi-dimensional analyses of SAP BW data sets. It also provides the OLAP tools with data via the BAPI, XML/A or ODBO (OLE DB for OLAP) interfaces. In principle, the OLAP area can be divided into three components:

  • BEx Analyzer ( Microsoft Excel based)
  • BEx Web Application
  • BEx Mobile Intelligence

You can use these tools to carry out both Microsoft Excel and Web-based analyses across several dimensions (such as time, place, product, and so on) simultaneously.

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