Mobile Development Center Spotlight

Located on Alabama’s Gulf Coast, Mobile is home to our southernmost development center as well as nearly 200 of our colleagues. Development Center Director Trey Sparks tells us all about life in “The Port City.” 

The home of Mardi Gras

While many people associate Mardi Gras with the city of New Orleans, Mobile was actually the first city to observe the event all the way back in 1703. Mobile residents are very proud of their history, so the annual Mardi Gras celebration is simply a can’t-miss event (make sure to have a moon pie!) Another unique happening in Mobile is called the Jubilee. It’s a natural phenomenon where crab, shrimp, and other fish all swarm the shore at the same time in Mobile Bay. With such easy-to-catch seafood, it definitely draws a crowd.

Development center fun

Just like in Mobile Bay, food brings everyone together in our Mobile Development Center. What’s been the most popular event? “Anything that consists of food or beverages will most likely win every time: we’ve had events like the mimosa mingle, chili cookoff, and macaroni and cheese cookoff,” says Trey. Nerdlympics is another popular event because our colleagues love a little healthy competition.

Colleagues coming together

When it comes to what makes Mobile special, Trey says it’s the people. “Our colleagues are definitely the heart of our centers. They make it a point to ensure that there’s a strong culture of collaboration and inclusion, and they’re not afraid to speak out for the good of the group, or even for the benefit of one individual.” That’s why the Mobile center has such a deep involvement with the local community. In addition to working with the Ronald McDonald House and Angel Tree, through The Salvation Army, Rural Sourcing also holds a spot on the advisory board with the University of South Alabama. Trey says, “Even though we share many of the same values, it’s impossible to try to fit our colleagues into a mold when describing them. We really benefit from working with individuals from different backgrounds, experience levels, and personalities.”

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