LIMS: Love It, Maybe Sometimes

For some, LIMS stands for Laboratory Information Management Systems but for others, it stands for Love It, Maybe Sometimes….

The pressure is reaching an all-time high for the pharmaceutical industry to lower prices, maintain a competitive edge, deliver products to market faster and operate in compliance with increasingly strict regulations. For years, pharmaceutical companies have invested in LIMS technology to help meet these goals, only to find that they must spend even more time and money to obtain the efficiency gains that prompted them to consider LIMS in the first place.  An article in Chemistry World reports that the software is usually around 40 percent of the overall cost of LIMS, but that helpdesk support, maintenance, configuration, integration, training and other consulting services makes up the remaining 60 percent. This is a significant cost that often becomes a roadblock on the path to loving LIMS.

We found this to be a universal pain point facing lab managers and LIMS administrators. They had LIMS in place, but they weren’t fully maximizing its potential because they were spending a considerable amount of time on redundant work with extremely high manual labor expenses.

That got us thinking – what if there was a customizable solution that would sit on top of any LIMS platform that defined and organized master data requirements? And what if the solution leverages object templates that are configured to your LIMS? Now there is a solution – LIMS Accelerator™, a tool that standardizes templates and facilitates use of automation to largely eliminate manual data entry and the transcription errors it causes. With LIMS Accelerator, resources can get back to the job of being lab managers and analysts, not data entry specialists. And they can get back to loving LIMS.