Fort Wayne Development Center Spotlight

Located in the heart of Fort Wayne’s reinvigorated downtown neighborhood, our newest Development Center is full of colleagues who have an “engineer’s mind and a teacher’s heart” as Development Center Director Bill Rose puts it. “I like to describe the culture at our center as being colleague focused and delivery driven. There’s a strong Midwestern work ethic here, and everyone is very passionate about what they do.”

Giving back

As Bill says, “Fort Wayne loves Fort Wayne,” which means the business community, and the city as a whole, is very tightknit and supportive. In addition to being involved with the Northwest Indiana Regional Partnership (the local economic development agency), our colleagues get very motivated when it comes to helping with STEM activities. A few events they’ve participated in include the Fort Wayne STEM Fest and the Fort Wayne Mad Ants STEAM Fest. Coming up this fall is a workshop that one of our colleagues will be leading for the area Girl Scouts Council, where they’ll learn about digital game design as part of the Coding for Good camp.

A competitive spirit

There’s definitely no shortage of fun in Fort Wayne, even when you’re in the office. Some of our colleagues’ favorite activities have included throwing pies in managers’ faces for charity, a virtual background competition, the annual Nerdlympics ceremonies, and, well… just about anything involving food! For those who would rather watch the competition than take part in it, Fort Wayne has minor league baseball, hockey, and basketball teams to enjoy. Plus, starting later this year, one of our colleagues will be playing in the brand new semi-pro soccer team, the Fort Wayne Football Club. As Bill explains, “Our colleagues are creative and supportive, and they never stop caring, exploring, or laughing!”

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