An Afternoon Spent with the TAG Education Collaborative

Last Friday, my colleague and I headed to Tech High School in east Atlanta to volunteer at the TAG Education Collaborative Interview and Application Workshop. Each of the volunteers were divided into three groups, our group being the one to give mock interview questions to the students. We had 36 students participating and saw about 12 an hour for three hours. I had the opportunity to ask interview questions about the students themselves, not their career or college goals and plans, but about who inspired them, what tough obstacles they’ve overcome, etc. This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career, as the students were beyond inspiring.


One in particular brought tears to my eyes, and I had to pause to compose myself before calling the next one over to my table. This student, let’s call her Kaylee, moved here when she was very young with her father from an island in the Caribbean. It was through her father’s positive influence and perseverance of the “American Dream” that she not only learned English but also became a star student with ambitions to not only complete high school but also become a doctor in psychology. Her father passed away four years ago, but Kaylee has hung on to his passion and drive. She has quite possibly one of the best outlooks on life in anyone I have ever met and was a true inspiration. She reminded me that, in this country, your dreams and goals can come true as long as you work hard and never give up.

Kaylee’s story was just one of the many inspirational interviews that we had with these students. The Technology Association of Georgia is truly doing something good and right with their education initiatives. These students today are our future, and any chance we can get to encourage them to become anything they want to be is an opportunity we should all take advantage of.