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Successful development of digital products and applications requires a product-minded approach coupled with flexible digital engineering expertise.

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transportation & logistics
Global Logistics Company First to Market With Innovative Customer-Facing Application

Our client, a global logistics company, needed to introduce a cloud-based customer-facing application to allow customers to view their scheduled trailer requests and submit ad hoc requests in the event of volume spikes. Speed-to-market was essential as none of their competitors had a similar application, so they wanted to be the first to market with it.

  • First to market with an application of this type
  • Gained an edge over competitors as well as a unified and corporate branded customer experience
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Dolex Financial Services Logo
New Financial Services Digital Product Drives Business Expansion

A leading financial services provider specializing in money transfers had traditionally provided its services on a cash only basis through its walk-in retail storefront locations. However, shifting consumer demand and online offerings from competing institutions created the need for an online money-transfer service.

Our team quickly stepped in to help our client bring their online platform to the market. We conducted an assessment of the existing application and code and provided a roadmap for readying the site for an internal soft launch, then completed the necessary enhancements and readied the site for initial launch. Following a successful soft launch, we developed further enhancements required for international operation.

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Flexera company logo
Faster ROI After Corporate Acquisition Through Product Integration

Flexera was looking to quickly and effectively integrate a newly acquired product into the Flexera suite of products. Our team made it happen.

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commercial real estate
Colliers and Rural Sourcing – Partners in Impact Sourcing

Today sourcing professionals are faced with new challenges and new priorities in finding and maintaining a healthy chain of suppliers. The emphasis has moved away from negotiating the lowest price to negotiating the best value, and this includes environmental and social value, as well as best value in terms of results on the financial balance sheet.  Commercial real estate leader Colliers needed to adapt to alternative models to maintain and accelerate pace to accommodate new client needs.  And immediately as a part of that strategy, adopted impact sourcing through its relationship with Rural Sourcing, Inc. (RSI).


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pharma outsourcing
pharma & life sciences
Pharma Company Saves 40% With Rural Sourcing

New software responsibilities with high costs, a large user base, and unreliable resources brought unexpected challenges. They were directed to reduce headcount by 5%, so they needed an outsourcing partner to increase client satisfaction as well as lower overall costs.

  • An overall cost savings of over 40%
  • Increased productivity by 25%
  • Lowered fee structure by 20%
  • Created a reliable project estimation tool for better project accountability and cost-allocations back to the business
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Brand Safway Company Logo
Global Civil Engineering Company Lowers Costs by Modernizing An Aging Application

Through one of our Scrum-as-a-Service teams, Rural Sourcing helped BrandSafway replatform legacy applications that were scheduled to sunset.

  • Captured knowledge transfer to learn the application architecture
  • Took on support tickets
  • Built out user stories
  • Developed, tested and deployed into production
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industrial services
Regulatory Compliance Gap Quickly Closed

A leading provider of industrial services worldwide needed to fill a critical labor law compliance gap with their HR payroll processing. We created a highly usable and efficient platform to track  the massive amounts of data for its 15,000+ American employees. In just 9 months, the company reached regulatory compliance.


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Health Payment Systems Company Logo
Expansion of Customer Portfolio and Increased Sales Through Product Integration

This healthcare technology and services organization offering solutions for healthcare billing and payments, landed a deal to integrate a New York City-based health insurance provider’s platform into their proprietary billing software. We came in to help with the integration and a successful MVP, while helping to expand their core offering to include out of network functionality.

After completing the integration of the health insurance platform, they experienced an increase in sales and the build-out of network capabilities has increased their potential customer base exponentially.


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Our Unique Model Provides Impactful Solutions

U.S. based. 100% remote. Committed to creating the highest quality digital products and experiences.

A Better Experience

Working with our teams means you get the results you want with less friction, better communication, best-in-class talent, and proven processes—with the added benefit of helping us fulfill our mission to create jobs across the heartland of America.

Faster Time to Market

We’ve perfected high-velocity delivery through distributed agile best practices, our proactive approach, and our ability to quickly respond to changing needs. We get your product to market fast without ever sacrificing quality.

Lower Overall Cost of Engagement

There are many cost factors beyond an ‘hourly rate’. Our U.S.-based model helps eliminate costly time delays, communication confusion and the potential risks that come with moving development work offshore.

ParkMobile’s Praise for Rural Sourcing

Services to Help Accelerate Your Digital Journey

product strategy and design
Take Your Product from Idea to Execution

Rural Sourcing helps you envision your product’s future using a collaborative, outcome-based approach. We combine strategy, design and development to bring products to market quickly and generate lasting value for your business.

digital engineering
Speed Up Your Digital Transformation

Whether you’re launching a new product, creating a better end-user experience, or looking to drive efficiencies, Rural Sourcing’s digital engineering capabilities give you the tools, resources and support you need.

Teams That Scale With You

When your business is launching mission-critical software, it’s important you have a team that meets your project needs. With Scrum-as-a-Service®, you can leverage our Agile expertise with a team that scales according to your requirements.

quality engineering
Avoid Reworks & Delays

Using a collaborative approach, our team of QA engineers works with you to determine the best testing method for your unique project or product. From there, we work diligently to detect and fix even the most complex problems.

data & analytics
Turn Data Into Insights

We leverage your company’s existing data to provide you with actionable insights that can help you meet your business goals. From data analytics to ETL monitoring, Rural Sourcing provides the expertise you need to transform valuable data into revenue-driving solutions.

application security
Eliminate Costly Threats

We know how important it is to get your software to market fast and we want to help you do it securely. Stay on schedule while eliminating vulnerabilities and threats with Rural Sourcing’s AppSec team.

enterprise applications support
End-to-End Application Support

We help our clients succeed by better leveraging the advanced capabilities of software tools such as SAP, Salesforce, SharePoint, and others. From integration to deployment and customization to support, we shoulder the burden that can accompany an enterprise application throughout its lifecycle.

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